NBA 2K23 Offense, Defense, and Shooting Updates

Check out the big news from the gameplay point of view for NBA 2K23. The 2K Basketball game is set to benefit from quite a few offensive changes. Note that the majority of these new features will only be present on the next-gen version of the game (PS5 and Xbox Series). As a reminder, NBA 2K23 will be available from September 7 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Nintendo Switch.

New in attack

If last year the developers had focused on defense, this time it is the attack that is put forward. Note in particular changes to the shooting system with several shooting gauge options, additional animations and dribbling, new passes and improved AI.

New shooting gauges in NBA 2K23

After two opuses where the shooting system was highly criticized by the community, the developers opted for a rather radical change: to propose 5 different shot gauges at the start of the game and until 15 additional gauges.

New shooting gauges for NBA 2K23.

In addition, NBA 2K23 adds shooting attributes as well as new shooting animations. Among the shooting attributes we will therefore find:

  • Firing speed – How quickly the shot reaches the sweet spot to release the ball
  • release height – The height at which the shot is released
  • Defense impact – The level of effectiveness of the shot against the defense
  • Impact of timing – Adjusted the firing window to reward good timing, at the cost of increased penalty for bad timing

Better control of your dunks

In order to avoid situations where your player starts dunking in a bad situation (one hand against a good defender for example), you will be able to choose the type of dunk via new commands.

Hang on to the basket!

When racing towards the basket with the sprint trigger pressed, the new controls for pro aiming are as follows:

  • UP = Two hands
  • RIGHT = Strong hand
  • LEFT = weak hand
  • DOWN = Attach to basket
  • UP-UP = Two Flashy Hands
  • DOWN-UP = A flashy hand
  • UP-DOWN = Normal Dunk with Gauge
  • DOWN-DOWN = Dunk hooked to basket with gauge

An improved finish under the basket

Like dunks, double-step finishes will also be improved with new animations. Game masters will therefore have specific movements, hot-step, double-step or even step-back. Better still, new double-step packs have been added with Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, Allen Iverson, Magic Johnson, Nikola Jokic, Zach LaVine, Ja Morant, Sue Bird and even Diana Taurasi.

But be careful because 2K has also thought about more powerful players, with strong finishes (but without a dunker). Small subtleties that should avoid the domination of the interiors under the panel.

More precise and efficient dribbling

If dribbling is sometimes not very effective on previous games, the devs have opted for a lot of changes in order to favor players who can dribble at the right time. So switchback moves will now perform combo moves that you can assign to the custom moving crossover pack, which has now been increased from 15 to 28 options.

Note that to get used to the different changes, you can use the 2KU Freestyle Practice.

On the other hand, 2K has provided a parry to prevent a player from spamming the dribbles: adrenaline boosts. Each player has three boosts per possession, represented by three small bars below the stamina meter. This will limit dribbling attempts and thus reduce the power of the attackers in duels a little.

Some novelties in defense

If this year, the focus was on the Attack, some elements were also brought to the defense. Note, for example, the creation of a system that evaluates the position of the opposing hand of the defender during the entire shooting movement, allowing more precise results for assigning faults and blocks.

Also, a new indicator on the ball carrier when in the back position has been added. This has three bars representing three areas: straight ahead, mark left, and mark right. The area where the defender is is shown in red. If the ball carrier tries to attack a red line, they will be blocked, lose their dribble or drop the ball (depending on the level of the defender).

Additionally, block movements have been improved, allowing for more realism for both defenders and the ball carrier. We should therefore have fewer blocks by small players but also more dunks (by good dunkers) contested against bad defenders.

An overhaul of the badge system

NBA 2K23 changes its badge system slightly in order to force players to make important choices. Therefore, the best badges will be more expensive while they will also have more impact. Your choices will therefore have to be made with a very specific perspective when creating and developing your player.


  • Stealth – Facilitates passage through traffic, avoiding collisions and balloon thefts
  • dominator – Increases ability to complete double-steps on defenders
  • king of the air – The ability to successfully complete alley–oops and tap dances
  • Brute – Like Giannis and LeBron, the ability to finish strong by bulldozing through crowds
  • Took of : Rolled arm specialist


  • Constable 3 – The ability to land difficult 3-point shots from a dribble
  • Mid-Range King – Improved ability to hit mid-range shots on the rebound or off the post like MJ
  • Overexcited – Reduces shooting attribute penalties due to fatigue or excessive movement before shooting
  • Camper – Increases a spot up shooter’s ability to knock down jump shots the longer they stand still before the shot
  • Comeback – Improved ability to take perimeter shots when the team is trailing in a game
  • Automatic penalty – Makes outdoor shots even more dangerous if the opponent fails to put a hand to the face
  • space creator – Previously an organization badge, now this badge boosts the ability to hit step back shots and hop shots. It will also trip defenders more often
  • Infinite range – A great classic is back, improving the efficiency of shooters for any attempt from a position far into the 3PT zone
  • Withdrawn: Leader, hot spot hunter, lucky charm, mismatch expert (moved to organization), stationary shooter, sniper, and limitless spot-up


  • Assassin Combos – Improves the efficiency of a dribbler with sizeup dribble moves. Basically it’s a combination of last year’s quick streak and pro dribble badges
  • Elusive – Help ball carriers win more 1v1 clinch encounters, to counter pincers
  • Vice – Improves ball safety right after winning a rebound, a catch, or after picking up the ball. This is a great badge for grown-ups!
  • mismatch expert – This badge was previously categorized as shooting, and now helps smaller defenders against taller defenders when mismatched 1v1
  • Withdrawn: Expert passer, sprinter, magnetic hands, stop & go

Defense / Rebound

  • Pillar – An essential badge for the back line of great defenders, improves ability to block and deny shots down the key
  • boxout king – Help rebounders win boxout fights in offense and defense situations
  • Workaholic – The Pat Bev badge that boosts your ability to chase balls 50/50 and present tough defense without getting tired
  • The glove – Taking his name from legendary defender Gary Payton, this badge helps you steal players as they group up to shoot and subtract the ball from carriers
  • Challenger – Improves the effectiveness of perimeter shooting contests
  • Took of : defensive leader

It should therefore be noted that some badges have been removed, especially since a system of essential badges has also been added. These will have to be unlocked following challenges to complete.

So much for the main new gameplay features (including the shooting system, badges, dribbling) of the new NBA 2K23. While waiting to be able to play the new opus, you can find all the information about NBA 2K22 on Gamosaurus.

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