NBA 2K23 Reveals Gameplay-Related Improvements – NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K license improves from year to year, with more or less relevant additions, with the sole aim of making the experience more realistic and more intuitive, to satisfy the many players. For NBA 2K23, the developers have already listed the improvements to expect in terms of gameplayin particular depending on the feedback from the community.

For instance, one of the biggest improvements is shooting, which will have shooting attributes, including jump shots. Unique stats are assigned, with the purpose of determining the effectiveness of the shot. Five new shot gauges are offered, with 15 more to come over time. Still in the same idea, new gesture combos are brought, to offer more options for handling the ball and shooting and therefore vary the attacks.

For defense enthusiasts, be aware that this area is also affected by the improvements. Blocking shots is more realistic, while interceptions will be more intuitive. This is meant to encourage players to focus on defense, in order to perform better.

Finally, with regard to the so-called next-gen versions, namely PS5 and Xbox Series, more powerful AI will be available. Those who play on these platforms will also benefit from a brand new tiered badge system. 16 badges will be available per attribute category: eight in level 1, four in level 2, and four in level 3. You will need to obtain the lowest badges before reaching the highest ones.

New information will be shared in the coming weeks, before the release of NBA 2K23, scheduled for September 9, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series and Nintendo Switch. You can, moreover, already pre-order it, via its different editions.

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