NBA 2K23 will take up a lot of space on your hard drives

With the launch of NBA 2K23 pre-downloads, the community could see that the game files were quite large, even huge. Even though we’ve grown accustomed to seeing space-intensive games taken up, it’s still quite surprising, and for some disappointing, to see that over a hundred gigabytes are available to download to enjoy.

In the case of NBA 2K23, at launch the approximate size will be 152.02 GB on Xbox Series, thus placing it among the biggest games. We do not yet have the size on PlayStation (which should be much the same) or on Nintendo Switch, but on PC, if we refer to the Steam page, you will need to have 110 GB free to enjoy this new opus.

By comparison, Warzone, which is one of the most greedy games, requires “only” 95 GB of free space on Xbox, while Assassin’s Creed Valhalla reaches 112 GB. NBA 2K23 therefore directly competes with a certain ARK: Survival Evolved and its famous 150 GB.

One thing is certain, you will need space on your hard drive to embark on a new career. If you have a small connection, know that you can already pre-download NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series. This will be possible on Sony consoles from September 7. A lesser evil.

Remember that NBA 2K23 arrives this September 9 and will not offer cross-play, once again.

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