“NCIS” and “Bull” star Michael Weatherly accused of sexual harassment and pressure

Actress Eliza Dushku accuses Michael Weatherly of repeatedly sexually assaulting her while filming the CBS series “Bull”. The latter would even have participated in having her fired after she denounced his actions.

Eliza Dushku has been an actress in Hollywood for over thirty years. She has acted in productions such as True Lies, Buffy the vampire slayer or Dollhouse. It is therefore well armed that she arrived, in 2017, on the set of the series Bull, where she collaborated with actor Michael Weatherly, seen in particular in the series NCIS, on M6.

However, she is forced to leave the show after denouncing the multiple sexual assaults and pressures that the actor allegedly subjected her to during the filming. In order to be able to receive the money for the scenes already shot, the CBS channel made her sign a confidentiality agreement and issued her a check for 9.5 million euros, a sum equivalent to the salary she had to receive if she had remained in the casting. Three years after her dismissal, Eliza Dushku decided to file a complaint and tell the House of Representatives judicial committee in more detail about the harassment she experienced.

The actor allegedly offered him a threesome time and time again

According to her, there is no doubt: CBS preferred to support Michael Weatherly than she, the victim. Télé Loisir reports the comments made by Kelly Kahl, president of the American channel, who seems to downplay the actor’s actions: “Michael made a mistake. (…) There have never been any complaints against him before and there won’t be any more. He admitted to having made a mistake. He was confused and remorseful”. However, this stupidity would be much more serious and recurring than suggested by CBS … Indeed, in 2018, she wrote a column against her attacker for the Boston Globe. She explains how Michael Weatherly allegedly told her he would take her to his “rape van” in which he had “a whole lot of phallic objects and lubricants”.

She also mentions the fact that as soon as she approached him, he was playing the music “Barracuda” on his cell phone, implying that he was a predator. In addition, he would have offered her on several occasions to do a threesome with him, in front of the whole technical team. This remark would have even pushed one of the technicians to come to see her during the lunch break to whisper to her. “That he also wanted to have a threesome with her”. The actor allegedly made sexual allusions to her constantly, even when the camera was still rolling. And to top it off, he would have nicknamed her “The pair of legs”.

Eliza Dushku testifies today about her unfair dismissal

This violence is not the first that Eliza Dushku has suffered. At the age of 12, she was allegedly sexually assaulted by the stunt manager on the set of True Lies, film by James Cameron. This trauma would have developed in her, thereafter, a strong dependence on drugs and alcohol which she took several years to get rid of. “We live with the trauma in our body and sometimes we try to brutalize ourselves to forget it”, she explains in an interview with Time.

Faced with his allegations, Michael Weatherly defended himself, in another Time article, explaining that his former colleague “had no humor and was just referring to some Cary Grant lines in Philadelphia Stories“. But it was still he who insisted on having her fired. This testimony before the House of Representatives today allows the actress to shed light on the way in which she was ousted from the series at the time. that she was a victim.

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