Nearly two weeks after launch, Lost Ark’s issues still far from resolved

On the side of Lost Ark, we have trouble this moment. The many server problems What has the game been up to since its release? are still far from resolved, the latter being still as saturated and regrouping for some of the queues several hoursespecially on Trixion, the only French community server. Current high demand from gamers around the world for MMORPGssuch as Lost Ark or Final Fantasy XIV by Square-Enix, poses serious problems. Recently, it is even the matchmaking which very often finds itself out of state during the dayeven preventing players from attempting to connect.

In an attempt to appease the players a little, Amazon recently came out of its silence to share an update on the current issues on the official forum.. As most European players have seen, the main problem remains the status of servers in Central Europe. Amazon is aware of the existence of the large queues experienced by servers and clarifies that servers in Central Europe rotate at maximum capacity, so it is not possible to add places on these. Additionally, Amazon is also not able to bring new servers, so we won’t have to wait for them in Central Europe.

A fix for the matchmaking of Lost Ark

To try to solve the problem, the players have already thought export to servers in Western Europe, however, they remain reluctant, their characters being stuck on their home server. So they asked Amazon toenable transfers between servers and to this the company replied that it wouldn’t be possible. This technology has only just arrived on the Korean version of Lost Ark and they do not currently have the technology to extend it to all servers. But if these transfers are not possible, why not propose a character boost to go to a new worldcausing him to start at level 50. To this, Amazon replies that no, it won’t happen because the boost pass can only work if a level 50 character already exists on the server.

For the weeks and months to come, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have certain priorities. First of all, they intend to work on a fix intended to repair matchmaking but also a fix to improve the stability of the online store as well as the Crystalline Aura, which sometimes disappeared in recent days. Even with the reboot of the servers carried out overnight from Sunday to Monday, the situation still hasn’t evolved on the European servers side of Lost Arkand it will surely take time before we see any change to operate.

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