“Need healthy armed forces”: US Army makes corona vaccination compulsory

“Need healthy armed forces”
US Army makes corona vaccination compulsory

Because of the spread of the delta variant, there is increasing discussion in the USA about compulsory vaccination. The Pentagon is now going ahead and is ordering all soldiers in the US Army to be immunized against Corona. The move is necessary “to protect the armed forces,” says Secretary of Defense Austin.

As announced, the US Department of Defense has introduced compulsory corona vaccination for all soldiers. As the Pentagon said, all members of the armed forces must be vaccinated against the corona virus. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered that a “full vaccination” of previously unvaccinated soldiers and reservists should begin “immediately”. A deadline for the vaccination was not initially given.

“To defend this nation, we need healthy and operational forces,” said Austin. Compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus is “necessary to protect the armed forces and defend the American people”.

In the case of mandatory vaccinations, only the vaccine from the Mainz-based manufacturer Biontech and its US partner Pfizer should initially be used. This was the first and so far only corona vaccine in the USA to receive full approval from the FDA on Monday. Immediately after the approval was granted, the Ministry of Defense announced the introduction of compulsory vaccinations, which has now been implemented.

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, 68 percent of members of the armed forces have so far been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. 76 percent received at least one dose of vaccine.

In the USA – as in other countries – there is a discussion about compulsory vaccination in view of the spread of the delta variant. A number of companies and authorities have already implemented it. So all teachers in the metropolis of New York have to get vaccinated. Meanwhile, the airline Delta announced that it would be charging unvaccinated employees $ 200 a month from November. This applies to employees who have health insurance through Delta.

“This surcharge will be necessary because of the financial risks that the decision not to get vaccinated means for our company,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. In the past few weeks, all Delta employees who had been treated in hospital for Covid-19 had not been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. On average, the hospital costs per sick employee would have been $ 50,000. According to Bastians, 75 percent of employees are now vaccinated.