Neighbors relieved – “smelly ghost”: Finally breathing freely in the apartment building

Finally relief and – in the truest sense – a big sigh of relief among the neighbors of an Innsbruck residential building: After months of odor nuisance, the “smelly ghost” has now apparently been admitted to the clinic.

The “smelly ghost” has disappeared, reports the troubled neighbor, who has already complained to the “Krone” several times, about the latest developments in the matter of “stench in the hallway”. As reported, the entire floor had been occupied by a penetrating smell of urine, rotten eggs and faeces for months, the editors were able to see for themselves on site. The stench apparently came from an apartment in which a sick, elderly man lived who did not want to be helped. From the property management to the magistrate and the police, the “Krone” was expressed helplessness: They didn’t know what to do was – and so you didn’t do anything at first. Man was probably taken to the clinic For months, the pensioner felt sick when she walked through the hallway. Lots of scented sprays – and the resulting worsening of her lung disease – later it all happened in quick succession: “The locksmith was there, then the rescue came,” the woman told the “Tiroler Krone”. The rescue from the penetrating stench above all. The man was probably taken to the clinic, nothing else is known. “The paramedics said – I heard that from the balcony – that the man had maggots in his leg!” A circumstance that occurs more often than one, especially in diabetics would mean. In any case, the residents of the house can finally breathe again. And hopefully the man will now also be helped professionally.
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