Neill Blomkamp (District 9) is working on a Cyberpunk Battle Royale

Neil Blomkamp, ​​who is notably a recognized science fiction director, launches into video games with Off The Grid. A Cyberpunk-style battle royale.

Neil Blomkamp is the director behind District 9 or even Chappie. Talented in SF, the man decided to also get into video games by writing for the German studio Gunzilla Games for the development of Off The Grid.

A battle royale with Neill Blomkamp writing

The game is presented as a Battle Royale 2.0 running under Unreal Engine 5. Of course you can ask yourself what is the use of a renowned personality like Neill Blomkamp in the scenario under these conditions. Especially for a multiplayer battle royale. well 2.0 here is the answer. That is to say a battle royale but obviously with many scripted missions at stake.

150 players and PvE

The game should also offer a vast cyberpunk universe with no less than 150 players per server. We are therefore effectively on a battle royale that is a little different from what we are used to seeing. Since the title also wants to mix PvP in addition to PvP. We are waiting to see what Neill Blomkamp will be able to bring to all this.

While waiting to learn more, you can watch the video teaser above. It doesn’t give much more information. Be aware, however, that the title is not planned before 2023 only on new generation consoles and PC. In any case, he is off to a good start thanks to Neill Blomkamp.

What do you think of a battle royale game with PvE? And do you think that the presence of Neill Blomkamp is a guarantee of quality?

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