Neither Reacher nor The Night Agent, this famous action saga will continue in series form

The “Has Fallen” saga, led by Gerard Butler, becomes a series that will take place… at home! And in “Paris Has Fallen”, a brand new agent will have the heavy responsibility of saving our capital…

In May 2023, Deadline announced that the Has Fallen film series was going to become a series. Written by Howard Overman (Misfits) and directed by Oded Ruskin (False Flag), the 8 episodes of the show are described by a representative of the production company Studiocanal as a “mini-movie” with “epic action scenes”.

As a reminder, in the franchise, Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, bodyguard of the President of the United States who has continued to save his country – and London at the same time – in three films which have accumulated more than 522 million dollars at the global box office: The Fall of the White House by Antoine Fuqua (2013), The Fall of London by Babak Najafi (2016) and The Fall of the President by Ric Roman Waugh (2019).

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Gerard Butler’s successor protects Paris from terrorists

According to Variety, the series was presented in detail for the first time at the London TV Screenings show, which aims, among other things, to attract distributors.

In Paris Has Fallen (or The Fall of Paris) a young bodyguard (Tewfik Jallab) must save the French Minister of Defense from death when terrorists take advantage of a major event to commit an attack. He is helped in his mission by an agent of the British secret service, MI6, in order to best ensure the politician’s protection. But caught at the heart of a plot much larger than expected, they quickly suspect one of their colleagues of transmitting information to the enemy who always seems to be one step ahead of them…

Previously announced to the casting of Paris Has Fallen, Mathieu Kassovitz will ultimately not play the main role in the fiction which will be broadcast on Canal+. It is now Tewfik Jallab therefore, (Ooussekine, Cœurs noirs, Engrenages) who will play the main role in the series (via Satellifacts). Emmanuelle Bercot (Mon Roi) should also join the cast and play the President of the Republic…

Competition for The Night Agent and Reacher

Spy series are all the rage: Paris Has Fallen will oppose series like The Night Agent, Citadel or even Reacher, the latter of which is currently a hit on Prime Video. That said, it’s still unclear when exactly the new show will debut. Rumors speak of filming already finished and a release later this year…

For the moment, Mike Banning (the character played by Gerard Butler) is not part of the script but a potential cameo from the actor is not impossible. To be continued.

In the meantime, the La Chute saga can be rediscovered on VOD.

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