Net neutrality and consolidation: the first words of Christel Heydemann

It is therefore in the mainstream press that the new boss of Orange decided this weekend to express herself. Impact: Details on hot issues are scarce. However, here is what we can learn from his first public intervention.

Christel Heydemann, 47, sat for five years on the board of directors of Orange, co-opted by his predecessor Stéphane Richard. The new general manager is therefore already very aware of certain issues specific to Orange.

On the consolidation side of the telecom market, the DG notes the structural difference between the American and Chinese markets, with three telecom operators in each of these two countries, and the European market with 90 players.

“Too many players on a market weighs on investments in the infrastructures of tomorrow”

“Too many players in a market weighs on investments in tomorrow’s infrastructure,” she says.

On the major projects side, she cites the end of the copper network in France, “a pharaonic project” according to the boss of Orange, which must be completed in 2030. “We are carrying out experiments with cities that are 100% fiber” a network “much more efficient in terms of energy consumption”.

As a result of the atomization of the European market, “tariffs are pulled down, while our investments to deploy networks increase”, regrets Christel Heydemann.

“Rebalancing is needed”

“Wherever we can, we play the consolidation card,” says Christel Heydemann. And to cite operations in Romania, Belgium and Spain.

In terms of net neutrality, the new boss of Orange indicates that the GAFAM occupy 55% of global traffic.

“The telecoms sector is highly regulated, while theirs, little or not at all,” she regrets. “We are therefore very receptive to the initiatives of the European Commission in this area, because investing billions of euros in infrastructures whose value is mainly absorbed by other players complicates the equation of our entire industry. A rebalancing is necessary. It would make sense for the GAFAMs to participate more. »

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