Netflix: an adorable and blundering dog in a film for the whole family

Show your kids “Beethoven”, arguably one of the best movies for the whole family, and currently available on Netflix.

For a child of the 90s, Beethoven may well have been a German genius of classical music, but above all he was a good fat Saint Bernard taken in by a nice little American family. Co-written by John Hughes (Breakfast Club) and Amy Holden Jones (Indecent Proposal), this film is directed by Brian Levantto whom we also owe The Toy Race and The Flintstones Family.

From the age of 8

Like The Incredible Journey or of Babe, the pig turned shepherdthis warm and endearing feature film by Brian Levant offered the central role to animals, and brought together absolutely all the necessary ingredients to share a tender moment of cinema with the family. Special mention to the musical theme of the film signed by Randy Edelman (and not by Ludwig van Beethoven), delightfully nostalgic, as well as the ignoble vet played by the brilliant DeanJones (fetish actor of Disney studios in the 60s and 70s).

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What they will like:

  • The nonsense of Beethoven, who does not miss a thing and causes disaster after disaster in the face of a completely overwhelmed father Newton.
  • When he is a puppy and discreetly enters the Newton family home: this whole sequence is adorable.
  • The children, united, watching over each other, and over Beethoven as if he were one of their own.

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Newton and Beethoven children

What may worry them:

  • The veterinarian is really threatening towards Beethoven. Fortunately, it is ridiculed.
  • The mention of the fact that the laboratories carry out experiments on animals and in particular dogs, which can disturb more than one toddler.

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