Netflix and The streaming providers can now be booked as a package

Two well-known streaming providers will be working together in the future: Netflix and can now be booked together.

More and more providers are presenting special offers that allow users to combine different services. Now the international streaming giant Netflix and the provider are working together.

The German service, with which consumers can receive the current television program on smartphones, tablets or in the browser on the PC, is now also offering a package called "Perfect Plus with Netflix". This also includes access to Netflix. The introductory price is 16.49 euros per month.

Price comparison and competition

This price only includes the basic Netflix offer, where films and series such as "The Old Guard" or "Stranger Things" can be played purely in SD quality. For better HD quality, a standard subscription is necessary (four euros surcharge compared to the basic offer), 4K quality is only available with a premium subscription (eight euros surcharge compared to the basic offer).

If you want to enjoy the Netflix content in the highest possible resolution, you pay a total of 24.49 euros per month. In comparison: A stand-alone Perfect access to costs 9.99 euros per month and a single premium subscription to Netflix costs 15.99 euros alone. In this case, users save just under 1.50 euros per month.

However, Netflix and are not the first to offer all-round entertainment. There is, for example, the "Entertainment Plus Package" from Sky. With an annual subscription for 20 euros per month (more expensive depending on the booked offer), new customers also get a Netflix standard subscription for all series in the Sky catalog. With Netflix Premium, this price increases to 24 euros per month.

The offer from Amazon Prime Video is also becoming more and more extensive. In addition to the series and films already included, the mail-order giant not only offers additional content to be bought or borrowed, but live TV can now also be received. In contrast to, this does not contain any private channels. Channels that specialize in horror or US series, for example, can also be booked. After a 30-day trial period, the costs for a Prime membership are either 69 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month. Different amounts are due for the channels. "StarzPlay" is available for an additional 4.86 euros per month – after a two-week test period.

There are also various combination offers for users with MagentaTV from Deutsche Telekom, which can be linked to Netflix, Sky or Disney +. Telekom offers an overview of the prices on various sub-pages of its homepage. The Disney + option can be booked free of charge for users of MagentaZuhause or many MagentaMobil tariffs (total prices depending on the tariffs booked) for about the first three months. After that, the package costs 4.88 euros per month. This corresponds to regular Disney + access at a price of otherwise 6.99 euros per month.