Netflix: "Black Lives Matter" category was introduced

In the course of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, which resulted from the violent death of African American George Floyd during a police operation in the USA, the streaming provider Netflix is ​​now also responding. Under the category "Black Lives Matter" there are already over 40 films, documentaries and series that are intended to explain "about ethnic injustice and the experiences of black people in America", says the explanatory text for the "carefully selected titles".

These include Beyoncé Knowles (38) concert film "Homecoming", Oscar winner "Moonlight", the series "Dear White People", the documentary "Who killed Malcolm X?" or the stand-up special "Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia" by the "Daily Show" host. "When we say 'Black Lives Matter' we also mean 'Black Storytelling matters'," writes Netflix as the reason for this new list via Twitter.

It would take time to bring about change. However, the streaming provider wants to do its part by "illuminating powerful and complex narratives about the black experience."