Netflix cancels Funny: why the French series will not have a season 2?

The French series “DrĂ´le”, a new creation by screenwriter Fanny Herrero (“Ten percent”), has been canceled by Netflix at the end of its first season.

Yet eagerly awaited by the world of series, Fanny Herrero’s new creation (Ten percent) was canceled by Netflix at the end of its first season; Titled Funny, the series plunged us into the lives of young French comedians on the Parisian stand-up scene.

“I’m obviously sad and disappointed that Netflix didn’t let the series settle down more, given the enthusiastic, affectionate reception and testimonials from the press and the public, from lots of young people we don’t know. don’t know, who insisted on its freshness. What remains is the pride of having done it with my team, of having enjoyed creating these characters who revealed four magnificent actors” reacted the screenwriter at our colleagues from the Inrocks.

A surprising decision, especially given the success of Ten percent internationally, with remakes already ordered in England, Italy and India. Unveiled by Netflix on March 18, Funny had been greeted by rather rave reviews (rating of 4 out of 5 on nine reviewed reviews).

This cancellation comes a few weeks after the announcement of a major recovery plan put in place by Netflix, following the loss of 200,000 subscribers (a first in the history of the platform).

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