Netflix could expand its private viewing club as early as 2023

If there’s one thing a streaming platform shouldn’t miss, it’s its content. And for this, Netflix has a specific program that, according to some sources, could soon open up to a greater number of people.

The Netflix Preview Club as a guarantee of safety

More than a year ago, the leader of SVOD discreetly launched the Netflix Preview Club in the United States, a select club of around 2,000 people who have the supreme privilege of being able to preview programs in exchange of their opinions and feedback, even before these series make their arrival in the catalog of the platform.

This previously quite limited program is about to expand, according to the wall street journal and could reach tens of thousands of users worldwide by early 2023. The move is believed to be part of the company’s plans to improve profitability and cost efficiency after slower growth in its number of users. subscribers.

Several works have already gone through this preview process, such as the film Don’t Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. The program allowed it to be modified and added comedic elements after receiving criticism that it was too serious. The Netflix Preview Club is the digital counterpart to the Hollywood custom of test screenings intended to help, if necessary, to modify certain elements before the release of a film.

A cinematographic tradition taken up by several platforms

Netflix is ​​not the only platform to use this approach to improve its content. Amazon also invites its users to give feedback on its programs via its own panel with “Amazon Preview”, as does Disney through the American platform Hulu and its Hulu Brain Trust program.

The Californian giant is not at its first attempt in terms of tools allowing it to gauge the performance of what is displayed on the screen. The Los Gatos platform, for example, already uses different thumbnails for certain users, in order to see which are the most effective. The company’s employees are also involved and view the content before it is published. The data related to their behavior during viewing allows the company to draw signals to anticipate potential successes.

In particular, this allowed the series The Sandman to undergo some adjustments before publication, Netflix having found that only a small part of the early viewers went all the way. This change subsequently allowed the title to enter the platform’s top 10 series for seven weeks, proof of the effectiveness of these measures.

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