Netflix, Disney+ and RTL+ in the MegaStream package: you can save that much with MagentaTV


The streaming services Netflix, Disney+ and RTL+ will soon be available in one package with MagentaTV. Read here for whom and for how long the offer is particularly worthwhile.

MagentaTV MegaStream will soon offer a huge entertainment package – albeit with a long runtime. (Source: © Telekom)

  • The new MagentaTV tariff MegaStream also includes content from Netflix, Disney+ and RTL+.
  • You can book the new offer from October 5, 2022 for 26 euros per month.
  • New Telekom customers with internet and a telephone connection get MagentaTV MegaStream for six months free of charge.

From October 5th there will be a new tariff structure for the Telekom entertainment service MagentaTV – and this means that the large MegaStream bundle with Disney+, RTL+ and Netflix can also be booked. The three streaming services were previously available via MagentaTV, but not in one package.

Even if Telekom has not clearly communicated which tariff levels of RTL + and Netflix are involved in the current offer, it can be assumed that the cheaper subscription versions are meant. That would mean: No UHD on Netflix and no original sound versions on RTL+. Since Disney+ has only had one tariff model so far, the question does not arise here.

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MegaStream is probably of particular interest to new Telekom customers who add MagentaTV to their new Internet and telephone connection. Here the complete entertainment offer should then be free for the first six months, cost 21 euros per month for the second half of the year and then continue to be available after the end of the first year at the normal price of 26 euros.

MagentaTV MegaStream: Good price, long runtime

The basic price for MegaStream roughly corresponds to the subscription costs of the paid basic versions of the three streaming services, but offers 100 HD television channels and access to the MagentaTV media library, the “Megathek”. However, the offer seems to be tied to a minimum term of one year, which should certainly deter streaming service hoppers.

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