Netflix: here are the top 5 most watched series this week and the first made everyone cry

What are the 5 most watched series currently on Netflix in France? The ranking has moved again since last week with the arrival of a highly anticipated series.

Number 1: The Crown


The love story between Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed is brutally interrupted by a fatal car accident. Prince William tries to get his life back on track at Eton…

AlloCiné spectator rating: 4.3/5

According to Chloef323 (5/5):

“What an incredible series, the pinnacle of British know-how. It’s a real feat to succeed at this point in a fiction of reality. The interpretation has a lot to do with it. Fascinating.”

According to helloo (4.5/5):

“The sublime settings and the exceptional casting clearly deserve top marks for this excellent series which is not intended to be realistic on a storyline level, but succeeds in giving us the illusion of it through its settings and the depth of its characters.”

According to Winston Le Droumaguet (4/5):

“Very good series, we discover moments in the history of the British monarchy although some are pure fiction. The changes in actors accompany the evolution of the characters over time very well.”

Why does it work?

It was surely the most anticipated season since the launch of the program in 2016. The historical series The Crown retraces the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II for a decade per season. Season 4 marked a turning point in the series, with the introduction of Diana Spencer – the future Princess of Wales – propelled into the programme’s main heroine.

While season 4 discussed her early romance with Prince Charles and their fairytale nuptials, the fifth season addressed the erosion of their marriage and ended with their divorce.

The first episodes of season 6 retrace the last days of Diana’s life, until her tragic fatal car accident under the Pont de l’Alma in Paris.

Number 2: The Crime Code


After an epic heist at the premises of a cash transport company in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the police in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, embark on an unprecedented investigation. Following the trail left by DNA samples recovered at the scene, the police discover what links this robbery to other recent crimes committed in a neighboring country and understand that they are dealing with a vast operation which brings together criminals from two countries. Then begins the largest investigation ever undertaken into a robbery in the history of Brazil. This is what this fictional series tells, inspired by real events that have never been told before.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.2/5

According to Lyah (5/5):

“An effective Brazilian detective series with a touch of appreciable exoticism and which changes from US series of the same genre. The scenario is not very original, but the whole is well done, with good action scenes and a hero particularly charismatic. Good, well-burned entertainment and inspired by real events as well.”

According to Harry648 (3/5):

“Rather disappointing series with its countless implausibilities. An improbable scenario, actors not always up to par and, above all, I didn’t really get into this story. Rômulo Braga, the main actor, is super annoying with his attitude of skinned alive; the incessant “flashbacks” with his teammate, killed during an operation in a prison, quickly become annoying. I rated 3, because I still watched this series until the end.”

Why does it work?

The Crime Code comes to us straight from South America (from Brazil more precisely): land of many effective and gripping productions which are a hit on Netflix. Combining drama, thriller and legal investigation, this new Brazilian fiction in 8 episodes has everything to get the platform’s subscribers hooked. Especially since The Crime Code is adapted from an incredible real event, which gives a special flavor to the case!

Number 3: The Bettencourt Affair


How did a conflict between the world’s richest woman and her daughter turn into a national scandal? This captivating documentary series tells the whole story.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.6/5

According to Agnes L. (4/5):

This is a real thriller in three episodes, an exemplary story in several respects that we watch in one go. Of course, the French press has widely reported this affair, only Netflix presents the various protagonists and the beginning of it all.

According to Dx M. (3.5/5):

Good mini docu… Neither too short nor too long… It can easily be watched as a thriller… We realize that the richest woman in the world was surrounded by vultures… We realize also that despite her wealth she was still missing something – like true, non-material Love – and that she was not entirely happy in her life… She was a vulnerable woman in short and many took advantage of that. .. We also realize how ultra-rich families manage their money using tax havens, political bribery and others…

According to Simon Bernard (3/5):

The mini-series has the strengths of being based on real recordings and interesting testimonies from the different stakeholders (but not all). It’s a shame that there is a strong tendency towards repetition in the comments made by the witnesses and the voice-over which makes the viewing a little linear. The short format is rather relevant and worth remembering to tell us about other similar cases.

Why does it work?

With The Bettencourt Affair: scandal among the richest woman in the world, Netflix once again proves its subscribers’ appetite for the documentary genre. Nothing very surprising since the platform has revitalized the documentary first with true crime and here with this precise examination of a case known to all but extraordinary, in the literal sense. Its short format – only 3 episodes – its rhythm and its staging make it a formidably effective work which immediately captivated subscribers. This success is still confirmed 12 days after its release.

Number 4: All the light we cannot see


Over the course of a decade, the intertwined destinies of two heroes whose lives will be turned upside down by the Second World War: Marie-Laure Leblanc, a young blind French woman who takes refuge with her uncle, and Werner Pfennig, a German teenager who is a true genius in radio transmissions. . Through a shared secret bond, they regain faith in humanity and see a glimmer of hope.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.9/5

According to Julien Domingos (5/5):

“It is the adaptation of a fiction novel which takes place during the Second World War. The plot is fascinating and very well explained. It also has a philosophical side on the joy of living despite a period of war. The sets and costumes transcribe this era perfectly. The special effects are successful. The actors are brilliant in the interpretation of their characters. Conclusion: It’s an excellent series!”

According to MOIJUSTE (5/5):

“Superb series. Magnificent interpretation of Aria Mia Loberti. The sets are sublime. I watched the series twice”

According to Sulli Malim (4.5/5):

“Magnificent!! Guaranteed emotion, great beauty and perfect acting, this kind of series is good, we want more!”

Why does it work?

With its short format (only 4 episodes) and its very good reviews, the historical mini-series All the Light We Cannot See has maintained its place in the top 5 for almost a month. So if you still haven’t seen it, now is the time!

Number 5: The School of Unicorns


When a dark force threatens to destroy Unicorn Island, a courageous teenager and five of her friends must fight to protect their school, a magical place.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.1/5

According to Lyah (5/5):

“This animated series is a little marvel! Magic, adventure, humor and emotion, it’s all there! The ultra-colorful graphics are sublime and the characters are super endearing. A production full of creativity that will delight young and old alike.”

According to Maya Lefrançois (4.5/5):

“Wow! I just finished episode 1 with my 5 year old daughter and we are already looking forward to the next one! Great show, very colorful, full of magic, but with very educational passages on the importance of connections. It’s is really excellent…for both children and adults! 🙂 hoping for a 2nd season!”

Why does it work?

Even if they are intended for a young audience, animated series for children are also popular among adults! This is the case of L’École des licornes which won over the platform’s subscribers by rising to the top views but above all by remaining there for several weeks!

This adaptation of Julie Sykes’ popular books inspires young and old alike with its enchanting and colorful world that features young heroes helping their majestic magical unicorn companions. On the program for this inspiring fiction: friendship, action, learning story, music and bewitching adventure!

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