Netflix is ​​giving subscribers to the DVD rental service a totally predictable parting gift

Netflix will be giving subscribers a fitting parting gift.

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Netflix made a name for itself by renting DVDs. The company’s offering has diversified, and the 1998 startup has since become the entertainment giant we know today. Despite the advent of streaming, some diehards have kept their subscriptions to the DVD shipping service. Unfortunately for them, Netflix announced in April 2023 the end of this service, announced for September 29.

Well aware that many customers are disappointed by this decision, the company offers its most loyal subscribers receive between one and ten additional DVDs in their mailbox. They won’t know what titles they are (they’ll likely be pulled from the current playlist), nor will they know how many. The surprise DVDs will arrive in their letterbox piecemeal in the mythical red envelope, until the end of September.

Netflix will redistribute its DVD stock to the last customers of the rental service

The Collider site details the content of the friendly email sent to subscribers: “After 25 years of films sent by post, we are nearing the end of our last season […] We really appreciate you sharing your movie nights with us until the last day. Let’s have some fun for the finale! “. It was time for Netflix to shut down its service. While at its peak, in 2011, the site had convinced 11 million subscribers, there are now only 1.5 million. We are a long way from the 238 million current customers that make Netflix the behemoth of the streaming industry.

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That said, in the realm of video streaming, the competition is toughand in an economic context where all prices go up, it is difficult to retain customers. Netflix is ​​therefore not resting on its laurels and continues to improve its service. The company therefore continues to offer small innovations that change everything, such as support for 23.976 fps to enjoy old films in their original frequency, for example.

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