Netflix is ​​going to hurt your wallet, it’s going to be annoying

Netflix has just made a new decision which risks angering some subscribers. Be careful, it will hurt the credit card, but not for everyone.

Netflix is ​​clearly one of the most popular SVOD platforms. To subscribe, there are four offers (technically three, but we’ll come back to that) that are available. They are more or less expensive depending on a certain number of criteria. We think in particular about having ads or not. And in fact, the American giant has just made a radical decision concerning one of these subscriptions. One thing is certain, it will annoy many people, because it involves paying more money.

Netflix will hurt the wallets of some subscribers

Last year, the service had already dropped the ax, to the great misfortune of subscribers. As a reminder, the Essential offer went from €8.99 to €10.99, and the Premium offer from €17.99 to €19.99. Suffice to say that this didn’t make anyone happy, who didn’t necessarily want to put even more money on the table. On the other hand, two levels were not affected: Standard with advertising and Standard without advertising. That’s already it, even if they are not immune to an increase. Either way, Netflix has just made a new decision that will change everything.

Last December, we learned of the disappearance of the Essential offer at €10.99. However, a little clarification was necessary. If you had this package, the platform did not force you to change your offer. This would only be the case if you decide to do so voluntarily, or in the event of unsubscription. Unfortunately, Netflix announced to its investors that it was going to backtrack. The subscription in question will be permanently deleted in the coming months.

The Essential plan is no longer available to new or rejoining members. If you are currently on this plan, you can remain on this plan until your plan is changed or your account canceled.

Netflix’s first statement about the Essential subscription when announcing its elimination

Credits: Netflix

Other increases to be expected?

It is still important to remember that this has not yet happened in France. From what we understand, it will start in Canada, followed by the United Kingdom in the second quarter of 2024. The rest of Europe should follow during this period, in short, it’s coming soon. When this is implemented, you will have to pay €13.49 to have access to the “least expensive” ad-free offer. This is information that is not being passed on to the community, and we suspect that the pill will be difficult to swallow.

As we said above, this is not the first time that the firm has encouraged people to spend more money. In this case, it concerns the Essential offer, but nothing says that the other levels are safe. As the SVOD platform said: “As we invest and improve Netflix, we will sometimes ask our members to pay a little more to reflect these improvements”. Words that portend a bright future for our portfolios.

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