Netflix: New function is being launched for all customers

New function is being launched for all customers

Netflix users can now use a new function

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Most recently it was announced that Netflix would like to bring a function for random playback to the start. “Play something” is now available.

For those who have always missed a random playback or shuffle function on Netflix, there is now good news for them. The streaming service has now released a corresponding feature for all customers. This is titled “Play something” and is intended to relieve users of the decision-making work what to watch next.

For example, if you plop down on the couch stressed from work and don’t want to worry, you can activate the function and get a random series or film suggested – based on the viewing habits of the user. The system compares which titles the viewer has already watched and suggests new content accordingly.

“Play something else”

Those who are not satisfied with the selection can click on “Play something else” and, among other things, start either a new title from the streaming service’s offer, a content from the watch list or a title that has already been started but not yet completed.

As early as January it became known that Netflix would like to release the function in the first half of the year. A beta version of the feature was already in circulation at this point. At that time, however, only a few test users could access it.