Netflix: No trust in “Rebel Moon 2”? Streaming service hopes for the success of the director’s cut version


The start of “Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker” is imminent, but while part 1 was still heavily promoted by Netflix, the sequel is quietly and secretly approaching. Why is that?

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker (Source: Clay Enos/Netflix)

“Rebel Moon” was supposed to be the next big thing for Netflix. An own science fiction franchise with films, series, games and books, shaped by Zack Snyder, who brings his own fan base with him as the director of numerous DC films – that sounded more than promising for the streaming service.

But there was suddenly no longer any talk of big plans when “Rebel Moon – Part 1: Child of Fire” appeared on Netflix in mid-December 2023. There was no shortage of advertising and the timing of the publication was well chosen, as the Christmas holidays offered enough time to watch the start of the new sci-fi series. But even if the viewing figures for “Rebel Moon” make a good impression at first glance, Netflix seems to have lost interest in Synder’s major project. How come?

Afraid of bad reviews?

Rebel Moon - Part 2: The Scar Maker

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker (Source: Clay Enos/Netflix)

Unlike other Netflix films, “Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker” does not give the press the opportunity to see the film before its regular release. Not a good sign, because in this way Netflix naturally avoids bad reviews, which the streaming service is probably expecting.

There was just one fan screening in Los Angeles, where “Rebel Moon 2” was already shown in the presence of Zack Snyder. Perhaps Netflix assumed that Snyder’s fans would be more sympathetic to the film than journalists, but that was a fallacy. Bad reviews of “Rebel Moon 2” are already piling up on Reddit and Letterboxd, criticizing the pale characters, the disappointing visuals and the plot, which takes place almost entirely on a small farm.

The audience was particularly annoyed by the fact that Zack Snyder clearly placed the focus on the upcoming director’s cut versions of the films in the subsequent question-and-answer session.

You cannot force a phenomenon

Rebel Moon - Part 2: The Scar Maker

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scar Maker (Source: Netflix)

We remember: Zack Snyder left the production of “Justice League” due to creative differences and after a family tragedy. Joss Whedon stepped in and delivered a film that was not well received. Fans demanded a “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, which finally appeared in 2021.

This interest in Snyder and his extended film version also inspired Netflix to not only announce two “Rebel Moon” films, but also to promise two director’s cut versions in the same breath.

However, this makes it seem as if Netflix is ​​now deliberately releasing the two short and worse versions of “Rebel Moon”, only to then come around the corner with the good versions of “Rebel Moon” in the summer of 2024.

So perhaps the lack of advertising can be explained by the fact that Netflix is ​​reserving the entire “Rebel Moon” marketing budget for the director’s cuts. If Part 2 flops and is criticized by viewers, Netflix and Zack Snyder will simply point to the upcoming Director’s Cut, which should smooth things over.

But the waves could have been avoided directly by not compulsively trying to trigger an artificial “Snyder Cut” hype. If better versions of “Rebel Moon” exist, then only those versions should have been released.

It’s likely that this ill-conceived plan from Netflix will ultimately backfire. Anyone who is already streaming “Rebel Moon” and is dissatisfied with the short versions will probably have little interest in more “Rebel Moon”. It is questionable whether “Rebel Moon” will continue after Part 2 and the Director’s Cuts.


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