Netflix: only 7 days left to see Brad Pitt’s best film according to AlloCiné viewers!

This is Brad Pitt’s best film according to AlloCiné viewers and you only have a few days left to catch it on Netflix.

What is it about ?

To conclude his career, Inspector Somerset, a jaded old cop, comes across an unusual criminal seven days before retirement. John Doe, as the assassin is called, decided to cleanse society of the evils that gnaw at it by committing seven murders based on the seven deadly sins: gluttony, avarice, sloth, pride , lust, envy and anger.

Brad Pitt’s best movie should have had a sequel!

Released in 1995, Seven (sometimes spelled Se7en) is an American psychological thriller film written by Andrew Kevin Walker, influenced by his time spent in New York trying to become a writer. The film directed by David Fincher brings together an exceptional cast: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey.

The terrifying criminal investigation of Inspectors Mills and Somerset thrilled audiences as it grossed $327 million at the box office. The very first collaboration between David Fincher and Brad Pitt marked a turning point in the actor’s career and it remains to this day one of his best films according to AlloCiné viewers, who rated it 4.5/5 with Fight Club.

The success of Seven was such that a sequel was considered! In what should have been Seven 2, the Somerset veteran returns to action to incapacitate a fearsome serial killer, while Mills is committed to a psychiatric hospital. But he may well be able to count on the arrival of a medium.

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This amazing pitch is actually based on the Solace screenplay, written by Ted Griffin and Sean Bailey. Seduced by the plot, New Line Cinema had bought the rights and wanted to make it the sequel to Seven, still under the direction of David Fincher and with the return of Morgan Freeman in the skin of Inspector William Somerset.

But neither David Fincher nor Morgan Freeman wanted to take part in this project and the sequel to Seven fell through. The film Solace, however, is still well released in the cinema under the name of Premonitions with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell.

Unique in its genre and perfect without a sequel, Seven is one of the major films of Brad Pitt’s career, like that of David Fincher. Become cult quite quickly, it is one of the thrillers to have seen in his life. And if not, you have a week left to catch it on Netflix.

The film Seven leaves the Netflix catalog on April 7.

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