Netflix: only one week left to hear Scarlett Johansson sing with Bono

If we tell you about animals that cover the greatest musical titles, do you think of…?

All in scene 2 – from 6 years old

What is it about ?

If Buster and his troupe have made the New Moon Theater the fashionable concert venue, it’s time to think bigger: put on a new show in the prestigious Crystal Tower theater in Redshore City. Flanked by his troupe, Buster will have to figure out how to make his way through the inhospitable offices of the prestigious Crystal Entertainment Company and reach its director, the wolf of show biz: Jimmy Crystal, who reigns there like a true mogul.

In a desperate effort to get Jimmy’s attention, Gunter suddenly makes a crazy bet that Buster takes up on the spot: the promise to bring the king of rock, the lion Clay Calloway, to the show. The problem is… Buster has never met Clay… especially since the latter retired from the scene 10 years earlier, after losing his wife.

What they will like…

  • The music ! And the soundtrack of Tous en Scène 2 is as successful as the first. On the program: Billie Eilish, U2, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd… in short, a selection that makes you want to sing and dance.
  • The return of the characters from the first part: Rosita the constantly overwhelmed mother of a large family, Ash the porcupine rocker played by Scarlett Johansson, Johnny the romantic gorilla, Meena the sickly shy elephant without forgetting the incredible Gunter, the pig the most extroverted in the profession… We love them all!
  • An even crazier show: for this last part, director Garth Jennings saw the big picture by staging a show mixing music and science fiction, with dance. Your little ones will have an eyeful and an earful.

What might worry them…

  • The big bad wolf: a new character appears in All in Scene 2 and he risks scaring younger children. With his tight suit, impressive white fur and exposed fangs, Jimmy Crystal can be scary when he wants to be.
  • Talking about death: the film revolves around the character of Clay Calloway (Bono), a lion who lives as a recluse since the death of his wife. It’s about mourning and coming back to the forefront even after this trauma.

All in Scene 2 leaves Netflix on November 26.

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