Netflix releases first gay Christmas movie, here’s why we’re excited


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That’s it, Netflix is ​​finally releasing its first gay Christmas romantic comedy. Entitled “Single All The Way” (“Que souffle la romance” in French), it will be online on December 2, 2021.

One year later My in-laws and myi, a Christmas movie centered on a lesbian couple and broadcast on Hulu, it’s Netflix’s turn to produce an end-of-year holiday rom-com featuring a love story between two men. Single All The Way tells the story of Peter, single and dissatisfied in his relationships, who asks his best friend Nick to accompany him to Christmas parties pretending to be her boyfriend. This ploy, supposed to spare him embarrassing questions from his family, is compromised when he learns that his mother wants to squeeze him in with James, a handsome sports coach. Like any good Christmas comedy, nothing turns out as planned, but things just work out.

Directed by Michael Mayer, Single All The Way brings together some big names from the small screen. Actor Michael Urie (Ugly betty, The Good Wife) will play the lead role of Peter. His best friend Nick will be played by Philemon Chambers (Hearts and Castles). James, Peter’s second suitor, will be played by Luke McFarlane (Killjoys, Brothers and Sisters) and Peter’s intrusive and bubbly mother will be played by the iconic Kathy Najimy, known for her roles in Hocus pocus and Sister Act.

Wine, garlands and a lot of twists and turns

In an interview for EW, Michael Urie introduces his character as “The kind of gay uncle who spent most of his Christmases perfecting Britney Spears’ choreography with his nieces. But who is also a young man who feels trapped in a job that does not make him happy. ” Also, he insists that Single All The Way will tick all the boxes of the Christmas rom-com: “There will be wine, garlands and holly branches, but also a little love disappointment and a lot of good feelings.”

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