Netflix: the cancellation of this popular teen series finally has an explanation

The cancellation of the series “Who is lying?” at the end of its season 2 disappointed many fans. The director of Peacock, the original platform where the program was launched, explains.

Much to the chagrin of fans, Who’s Lying? will not have a third season. The information was made public at the end of January by the Peacock platform, which offers the program on American soil. In France, Netflix has acquired the broadcasting rights. To justify this decision, decried by fans of the series, the content manager for NBCUniversal TV, Susan Rovner, provided some answers.

During the show TV’s Top 5, podcast produced by Hollywood Reporter, the president did not question the quality of Who is lying?, nor that of the series Vampire Academy, also canceled after only one season. Susan Rovner explains that these programs have been launched “too early”.

We realized that we had to attract parents first before attracting teenagersshe says. I hope that once we have captured the attention of adults with programs like Poker face Or The Catererswe will be able to offer fictions like vampire academy in a few years.”

She continues: “Alas, it was not the right timing and we do not have the strike force necessary to attract a young audience for this type of programme. But that has nothing to do with the quality.”

Adapted from the novel by Karen M. McManus, Who lies? recounts the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a high school student who was about to reveal juicy secrets about his classmates on his blog. The four teenagers who were at his side in the detention room at the time of the tragedy become potential suspects.

The first two seasons of Qui ment? are still available on Netflix.

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