Netflix: this Christmas movie is one of the most viewed on the platform this week

As the end of year celebrations approach, “The Grinch”, a famous Christmas tale directed by Ron Howard and worn by Jim Carrey, is one of the most watched films on Netflix!

Less than a month away from the Christmas holidays, the time has come to dive back into the little classics that smell good of fir wood and chimney fires. This is how in the Top 10 of the most viewed feature films by Netflix users this week is The Grinch.

Isolated for more than 50 years on Mount Crumpit with his dog Max, this bogeyman with a grumpy temperament cannot stand the happy inhabitants of Chouville, who live below and who celebrate Christmas in joy and good humor. That year, he also decides to play a trick on them and spoil their party by stealing gifts and decorations during the night. But could it be that deep in his chest, his shriveled little heart is finally getting touched by the Christmas spirit?

Adapted from the famous children’s tale by Dr Seuss (also known for having signed The Lorax, Horton or The Cat in the Hat), this film directed by Ron Howard in 2000 is a classic Christmas film, ideal for brightening up your evenings this month. December, and which deserves a look in particular for the performance of its main actor: the indescribable Jim Carrey.

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For the occasion, this genius of American comedy – known to the general public especially for films like The Mask, Ace Ventura or Dumb & Dumber – found himself made up from head to toe. Covered in a lycra jumpsuit (previously trimmed with yak hair dyed green), he had to endure 8 hours of make-up a day to slip into the cantankerous creature’s fur.

After having (re)discovered The Grinch, if you want to stay in the Christmas spirit on Netflix, we warmly recommend The Polar Express, an enchanted and snowy journey directed by Robert Zemeckis, as well as Klaus, an excellent film by animation that explores the origins of Santa Claus.

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