NETFLIX: Umbrella Academy, the heroes discovering an alternative universe in the extravagant trailer for season 3

Given the success of the first two seasons, it is not surprising to see Umbrella Academy come back soon for a season 3 on netflix. After being transported to 1963 and shaking the cogs of time, the family Hargreeves will return to an alternate present that no longer has much to do with their previous life…

Trailer VO

As revealed in the synopsis for the new episodes, theUmbrella Academy will have to face the Sparrow Academya new clan born from a paradox that could cause the end of the universe. Their unpleasant rivals from another reality, however, will become their best hope for restoring order to this chaos, as shown the incredible trailer that has just been unveiled.

VF trailer

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy promises to be even more extravagant, and will see the day as planned on June 22 on netflix. If you like the license, the complete comics are available in bound volumes from €53.85 on

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