Netflix: we know the new faces of "The Crown"

The new season of The Crown on Netflix is ​​expected in 2022. It will evoke the 90s, decades cursed for the Windsors, until “the annus horribilis” of 1992, as Elizabeth II will say. Between the many divorces, the fire of Windsor Castle, the public confessions of Princess Diana on her discomfort, these are dark years for the British royal family. They end in drama for the crown, with the accident of Diana which led to her death in 1992. Who to play the princess with tragic fate and succeed Emma Corrin? Diana will now be played by actress Elizabeth Debicki, seen in Tenet and Gatsby the magnificent. The actress is already being pursued by paparazzi like Lady Di, who attempt to capture the first images of the set. The tabloids also underline the similarities in the allure of the two women.

Prince Charles will now be played by actor Dominic West, seen in the award-winning series The Affair. A certain family resemblance, apart from the famous ears of Prince Charles, smaller in size for the actor.

What about the queen ? The queen’s face will be familiar to fans of the saga Harry potter. Indeed, Elizabeth II is embodied by Imelda Staunton, who also plays Dolorès Umbridge in the world of wizards. The actress is swapping her coordinating evil witch outfits for other coordinating outfits, this time Queen Mother.

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To discover the rest of the photos of the casting, we will have to wait a little longer: his majesty Netflix has not yet revealed them …