Netflix: what is this Colombian series at the top of the platform?

What is the Colombian series “In a beat” about, which appeared this weekend at the top of consultations on Netflix France?


A new series is talking about her on Netflix! Arriving on the platform on April 20, the Colombian series En un battement occupied the first position in the ranking of the most viewed programs on the platform this weekend, notably surpassing very popular series such as Élite and La Chronique des Bridgerton!

Composed of fourteen episodes, In a beat follows the story of Valeria, a young musician who is the victim of an abduction by an organ trafficking network. His friend Simon decides to investigate the circumstances of his death, while Camille, saved by the transplant of Valeria’s heart, will seek to discover the identity of her donor because of strange phenomena that have occurred following her operation.

A story of suspense rich in twists and turns, In a beat will therefore not take long to become the new international phenomenon of Netflix. And while no season 2 has yet been announced by Netflix, it should hardly come as a surprise that the emerging enthusiasm on social networks does not encourage the platform to renew its series for an additional season!

Here is an anthology of reactions posted in recent days by French Internet users on social networks:

The Colombian series In a beat is available now exclusively on Netflix!

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