Netflix: what movies to watch in October 2022?

AlloCiné tells you which films are coming to Netflix in October 2022. Mark your calendars!


October 19: The School of Good and Evil

Based on the literary series of the same name, The School for Good and Evil is a modern fairy tale by Paul Feig (My Best Friends, Emily’s Shadow). For his adaptation, the director brings together an exceptional cast: Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, Laurence Fishburne and even Ben Kingsley who play opposite young actresses Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wylie.

The latter embody the best friends Sophie and Agatha. They find themselves on opposite sides when they are forced into an enchanted school that trains heroes and villains to maintain the balance between good and evil.

October 26: Murders Without Orders

Murders Without Prescription is a heart-pounding true-story thriller directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Tobias Lindholm. The film is carried by renowned actors Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, who play Amy and Charlie, two nursing colleagues who bond in a strong and devoted friendship during the long nights spent together in the hospital.

Amy, caring nurse and single mother suffers from a serious heart problem and finds herself pushed to the limit by grueling night guards in the intensive care unit where she works. Luckily, she ends up finding help from a considerate and empathetic new colleague, Charlie.

When a mysterious series of patient deaths begins, the inquest names Charlie as the prime suspect. Amy is forced to risk her life and the safety of her children to find out the truth.


October 7: American Girl

Adapted from the New York Times bestseller of the same name by Jessica Knoll, American Girl is a heart-pounding thriller that tells the incredible story of Ani FaNelli, a tongue-tied New Yorker who seems to have everything to be happy: a coveted editorial position at a reputable magazine, a wardrobe to die for and a dream wedding planned in Nantucket.

But when the director of a documentary invites her to tell her version of the terrible incident that took place at the prestigious Brentley High School during her teenage years, Ani must face a dark truth that threatens the life she has built at the cost of so many efforts. American Girl marks the great return of Mila Kunis in a fiction. The actress stars Finn Wittrock, Chiara Aurelia, Connie Britton and Scoot McNairy.

October 19: The Stranger

Previewed at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section, The Stranger is coming to Netflix. This first mystery film by Thomas M. Wright is carried by actors Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris.

This duo embodies two strangers who meet. One will lead the other into a vast and powerful criminal organization, thus offering him the possibility of redeeming himself after a violent past and making a new start.



October 1: Downsizing (catalogue)

October 1: Exorcist – The Beginning (catalogue)

October 1: The Exorcist III (catalogue)

October 1: Baby Boss (catalogue)

October 1: Scary Movie 2 (catalog)

October 1: Minority Report (catalogue)

October 1: Paranormal Activity 2 (catalog)

October 1: Paranormal Activity 5 (catalog)

October 1: Everyone on stage (catalogue)

October 5: Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone

October 5: One Star at a Time

October 5: Togo

October 5: Pupil (catalogue)

October 5: Downton Abbey the Movie (catalogue)

October 7: Jeffrey Dahmer – Self-Portrait of a Killer

October 7: The Redeem Team – Bounce Back Together

October 7: Old People

October 9: Papicha (catalogue)

October 9: My (catalogue)

October 10: White as Snow (catalogue)

October 11: For better and for fake

October 13: Spider-Man – Far From Home (catalogue)

October 14: The Evil Spirit of Halloween

October 19: 30 days of night (catalogue)

October 21: 20th Century Girl

October 26: Hitting Mussolini

October 26: The Escaped: the strange Carlos Ghosn affair

October 27: Cici

October 27: Beyond the Universe

October 28: In the west nothing new

October 28: Wendell & Wild

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