Netflix: which French departments are the most addicted?

Alexander Boero

August 05, 2022 at 12:55 p.m.



In France, there are real disparities in the “consumption” of netflix between departments, according to a Comparatest study.

Netflix, which has exceeded 10 million subscribers in France and 221 million worldwide, still acts as the SVoD giant, despite the recent loss of one million subscribers. A study, conducted by Comparative testis particularly interested in the case of France regarding the average penetration of the platform in the 96 metropolitan departments.

Not the same jersey, but the same passion

Today, more than 14% of the French population subscribes to Netflix. And inevitably, there are areas in the country that are more “Netflix addicted” than others. The southern third of France, for example, has a penetration rate well above the national average. The ten departments most addicted to Netflix are simply all located in this area.

Comparative testwhich was based on a study of the internet audience of connections to Netflix via search engine data, gives us the ranking of the most addicted departments.

  1. Hautes-Alpes (05): the department wins the gold medal, with 19.6% of the population subscribing to Netflix.
  2. Haute-Garonne (31), with 19.4% of the population.
  3. Pyrénées-Orientales (66), with 18.9% of the population.
  4. Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04), with 18.6% of the population.
  5. Corse-du-Sud (2A), with 18.1% of the population.

Contrary to what one might think, some mountainous departments therefore see their inhabitants subscribe more massively to Netflix. This is also the case for Lozère, 11e French department with 16.7% of the subscriber population, or Savoie, 14e (16.6%). The reason ? There are fewer cinemas in the latter, so Netflix helps to compensate for the need for entertainment.

Netflix struggles in departments where there are fewer young people

Conversely, there are several departments in which Netflix is ​​struggling to establish itself and where its penetration rate is even less than 10%. This is the case for Allier (9.7%), Pas-de-Calais (9.6%), Aisne (9.2%), Saône-et-Loire (8. 9%), Cantal (8.5%), Bas-Rhin (8.1%) and Creuse (7.9%), in last position, the second least populated French department (116,617 inhabitants according to the ‘INSEE in 2019) and department with the fewest subscribers (9,509) in the country.

Netflix, whose core target remains the 18-34 age group, which moreover represents nearly 61% of subscribers, has a majority of men among its subscribers: 54%, against 46% of women.

If the figures put forward by Netflix and analysts are colossal, the service is reaching a certain ceiling, lowered by the end of the pandemic and the return to a slightly more normal life, which are pushing the company to change its strategy to kick-start subscriptions and reassure investors. The streaming platform is thus working on a future offer with advertising and plans to fight more fiercely against sometimes excessive account sharing.

To discover the complete study and the figures for your department, go to the link below.

Source : Comparative test

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