Nettle Effect: That is why the plant is so beneficial


The stinging nettle is a veritable wonder drug that can be very good for your health. The effect of nettle tea you will find here.

Nettle Effect: 7 practical benefits

  • Lowers the blood pressure
  • Works on stomach or menstrual pain
  • Diuretic effect on infections and bacteria
  • Anti-inflammatory function without side effects (eg in osteoarthritis or arthritis)
  • Helps well for detoxifying and draining
  • Stimulates the appetite and supports the metabolism
  • Provides the body just in a diet with iron and folic acid

Nettle Effect: ingredients

  • The nettle is so good for our health because it contains so many important ingredients. These include, for example, iron, calcium and vitamin C much . Also unsaturated fatty acids play a health promoting role.
  • Especially the diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect of stinging nettle stands out in the nettle tea, which is caused by the combination of all these positive ingredients.

Nettle Effect: Are There Side Effects?

  • Use only as a temporary remedy (3-6 weeks) to prevent diarrhea, heartburn and discomfort
  • At most 3 cups of tea a day
  • Drink enough water so that the diuretic effect does not lead to dehydration
  • Pregnant women can suffer from sleep problems and tachycardia

Nettle Effect: How to harvest stinging nettles for your tea

  1. The great thing about stinging nettles: You can find them practically everywhere in nature. Make sure that you do not necessarily access it, where busy traffic prevails or especially many people run long.
  2. In the period from May to September you can easily pick stinging nettles, but the best time is spring, when most of the nutrients in the plants are included.
  3. Cut off the shoots of the stinging nettle on the foot and stroke the head to remove the spines. Of course you take gloves so you do not “burn yourself”.
  4. Dry the stinging nettles with the leaves in a damp place and then chop the leaves. You can store them in a small tin.