Neutral colors: The royals’ summer trend is so stylish

Mary, Maxima, Letizia + Co.
The royals opted for neutral colors when the temperature was high

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High temperatures are not only a constant challenge for normal people in their everyday work, but also repeatedly present royals with a fashionable task. You can see sweat stains on bright colors, black is much too warm – but there is a trick.

In fact, summer is a beautiful thing. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and everything is green and blooming around us, so that a good mood is inevitable. If it weren’t for the wardrobe dilemma. It should be airy, suitable for business, comfortable, but shouldn’t reveal our sweat stains – not that easy! The rising temperatures also pose this challenge to royals, after all their dress code is judged by the whole world. But they have one trick up their sleeve – and it never goes out of style.

Neutral colors: The fashion power of the royals in summer 2023

Stars and fashionistas from Mallorca or Ibiza are leading the way and have been wearing neutral colors for years. While in spring or autumn shades such as cream, light brown, beige, sand or ocher are often avoided because they appear boring and bland, they are given an interesting twist in summer. Many people associate neutral colors with holidays, sea and sun. Air-permeable natural materials such as linen are predestined for relaxed holiday looks. Queen Máxima, 52, who is otherwise known for her colorful looks, likes to wear beige blouses when it’s hot. The advantage: sweat stains can be easily concealed and light shades reflect sunlight better than dark colors. When she attended the topping-out ceremony for Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital, Princess Mary, 51, opted for two natural colors: white and sand.

Máxima and Mary in white blouses

Cream-colored blouses are a great alternative in summer. they look friendly, bright and have the advantage that small water stains are hardly noticeable.

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The combination of airy materials such as linen or silk and light, friendly tones ensure that royals don’t sweat at their appointments.

Queen Letizia and Duchess Sophie prefer the evergreen

A real perennial favorite in fashion is the white dress – whether made of linen, cotton, chiffon or silk, it is used in many ways. Queen Letizia, 50, and Duchess Sophie, 58, both showed up in two light-colored dresses on dates in early June 2023. Different cuts and materials – but the color is the same. They also stay within the spectrum of neutral colors when it comes to their accessories: Sophie combines cream-colored espadrilles and a matching clutch bag. Letizia, on the other hand, opts for light brown pumps.

Duchess Sophie and Queen Letizia both wear white dresses made of breathable materials.

Duchess Sophie and Queen Letizia both wear white dresses made of breathable materials.

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The black jacket from the Duchess of Edinburgh alone is not part of the trendy fashion concept, but still protects Sophie from treacherous temperature fluctuations. Whether it’s a dress or blouse, the heat builds up less with light shades, which is why slightly longer sleeves can be worn – not uninteresting if you have to come to work in a certain dress code. Oversize cuts also help air to circulate and not build up on the body.

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