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GTA 6 is certainly the most anticipated game in the world right now, even by those who are not particularly big gamers. With this in mind, Take-Two wants to reassure everyone.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has confirmed the launch window for GTA 6 for fall 2025. Initially announced last December, this long-awaited new installment already had a release period of 2025, but this announcement recent report further clarifies the timetable. And obviously there seems to be total confidence in this release date.

GTA 6 inspires confidence

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, expressed great confidence in meeting this new launch window. In an interview with CNBC, he acknowledged that while delays are common in the gaming industry, the development team is determined to achieve this goal. “There are slip-ups in the industry and we are not immune to them“, he admitted. “However, we have clarified the timing because we are very confident in this schedule.”

Rockstar Games, famous for its high standards in game development, aims to create a unique experience with GTA 6. Zelnick emphasized that the quality of the game depends not only on reducing bugs, but above all on achieving a unprecedented experience. “In the case of an extraordinary title, with extraordinary expectations, it’s not just about bugs. It’s about creating an experience that no one has ever seen before, and Rockstar Games strives for perfection.

He also mentioned that measuring this perfection is more subjective than objective, indicating that factors such as overall development satisfaction and bug reduction play a crucial role. “He There are things you can measure, for example the number of bugs in a title, and each of us will make sure we have as few bugs as possible before launching the game.”

With this new announcement, fans of the franchise can expect new information about GTA 6 in the near future. Earlier this month, dataminers discovered API data on Rockstar’s website, suggesting the imminent arrival of new images and perhaps other details about the game. Wait and see.

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