New album by the Mandoki Soulmates: Leslie Mandoki sets an example with analog music

New Mandoki Soulmates album
Leslie Mandoki sets an example with analog music

Leslie Mandoki founded the Mandoki Soulmates in 1993 to combine his musical passions.

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Recorded and produced analogue on Lake Starnberg: The Mandoki Soulmates once again bring different musical styles together.

With the new work of his musician collective Mandoki Soulmates, Leslie Mandoki (71) presents a love letter to the analogue world. The formation’s new concept album titled “A Memory Of Our Future” will be released on Friday (May 10). In total, fans can look forward to twelve analogue recorded songs with which the musicians combine different genres and styles. They want to set not only artistic, but also socio-political accents.

According to the press release, the new album was created after the Mandoki Soulmates’ 30th anniversary tour. The musicians retreated to Leslie Mandoki’s studio on Lake Starnberg to realize their vision of a contemporary fusion of rock and jazz that simultaneously deals with the crises of the present.

Leslie Mandoki is once again collaborating with numerous music legends

In order to realize “A Memory Of Our Future”, numerous music legends were involved in addition to Leslie Mandoki himself as songwriter, producer, singer, drummer and percussionist. Among others, Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson (76), guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola (69), star trumpeter Till Brönner (53), Supertramp saxophonist John Helliwell (79) and the exceptional organist Cory Henry (37) contributed to the analogue production of the long player.

Leslie Mandoki underlines the intention of his Soulmates’ new record with a statement: “The wonderful thing about ‘A Memory Of Our Future’ and our way of making music is that we can overcome the melancholy of current issues together. Because music opens us up Looking ahead. It encourages positive thinking and optimism. That gives us strength and drives us forward.”

The Mandoki Soulmates have existed as a formation since 1993. The project arose from Mandoki’s passion for 1970s jazz rock and intellectual rock music. Since then, the band has performed repeatedly with different line-ups and released numerous albums.


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