New Amazon Prime Video: films, series and documentaries to watch in streaming in December 2023

Just like its competitors Netflix, Disney+ and Canal+, the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform intends to spoil its subscribers for the end-of-year holidays, and is arriving with many new films, series and documentaries. On the program this month: Christmas, Batman, tatanne and John Woo.

Before presenting you the complete list of new releases from Prime Video in December 2023, here is our selection of the film and series of the month on the service.

The series of the month on Prime Video

Reacher – season 2

Jack Reacher, a veteran military investigator, receives a coded message informing him that members of his former U.S. Army unit are being mysteriously killed one after the other. Reacher will have to come out of his quiet life, find his former teammates and investigate.

The mountain of muscle Reacher is back, and this time it’s more personal than ever. Based on the popular novels by Lee Child – already adapted for the cinema with Tom Cruise -, Reacher mixes action and police investigation and delivers a very “fit in” series, and extremely effective. Not the finest program in the Prime Video catalog, but sometimes it feels good.

From December 15 on Prime Video.

  • Watch the trailer for the series:

The movie of the month on Prime Video

Merry Little Batman

After Damian Wayne was left alone at the Manor on Christmas Eve, he transforms into a little vigilante to protect his home and the rest of Gotham City from supervillains during the holiday season.

A new story, beautiful animation, jokes, second degree and all that in the Batman universe? This sounds like the perfect little program to accompany the holidays, whether you’re a fan of the Dark Knight or not!

Starting December 8 on Prime Video.

  • Watch the movie trailer:

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