New antitrust case against Google

The complaint from the Ministry of Justice notably targets the digital giant over its “monopoly” on the online advertising market. ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS

The US Department of Justice is suing Google for monopoly.

Washington Correspondent

The Department of Justice wants to force Google to dismantle its platform of technologies and services that gives it a privileged position in the online advertising market. For this, the Biden administration is attacking the digital giant in federal civil court in Virginia. Eight US states, including California and New York, support the approach of federal prosecutors.

80% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising revenue. Since its takeover of DoubleClick in 2008, then AdMob in 2009, the Mountain View (California) firm has integrated a range of services and tools that allow advertisers and intermediaries who place messages on websites, consolidate Google’s dominant position. The effective strategy allows it to capture the supply and demand for advertising in an exclusive ecosystem, which is very useful for strengthening its power in other sectors such as research…

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