New blunder at the Telethon, Nagui taken over by Louane


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Live goofs are always memorable sequences. This Friday, December 3, Nagui paid the price. The presenter of France 2 was kindly corrected by Louane, after being wrong about the first name of his companion live.

Known to put the feet in the dish, Nagui was at the origin of a new blunder this Friday, December 3, live on France 2. As every year, the Telethon welcomes many guests on the sets of France Televisions to animate this charity event. Among the French-speaking singers, Nolwenn Leroy and Matt Pokora were present, but also Louane, to sing his new song Tornado. Accompanied on the guitar by her companion and father of her daughter, Florian Rossi, the former candidate of The voice was not at the end of his sentences. Once the performance was over, Nagui was quick to thank the musicians: “We can greet Gauthier who is on the guitar.” After a moment of hesitation, Louane corrected the host: “Florian on the other hand.”

And the unease didn’t stop there. Not understanding why Louane corrected his first name, the presenter of Do not forget the lyrics asked him to repeat. It is only after hearing “Florian” for the second time that Nagui realized his mistake: “I was earlier with Gauthier to collect the batteries”, he justified before apologizing: “I am really sorry.” Despite this awkward moment, the actress revealed in The Aries family still kept smiling. To make up for it, the host of France Télévisions wanted to relax the atmosphere. After introducing Florian as the songwriter for the title, the 60-year-old implicitly referred to the closeness between the guitarist and the singer, compared to the other musicians: “We’re going to say that Florian was closer…” Something to make the main stakeholders smile.

Discreet life and self-acceptance

Fairly discreet about her private life, Louane is used to preserving her secret garden. Mother of a little Esme since March 2020, the young singer has blossomed alongside Florian Rossi. But since giving birth, the actress is unfortunately the victim of grossophobic remarks. A fight that she leads on a daily basis to encourage women to accept themselves in their bodies. “The saddest thing is those who waste time commenting on someone else’s body on social media. Because me, my life is going very well.”, she confided to Parisian last November 17th. Filled and surrounded by her little family, the ex-candidate of The voice feels “much better today”.

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