New bosses, fight against relegation: Kaiserslautern sends “brutal signal”

New bosses, fight against relegation
Kaiserslautern sends “brutal sign”

Expulsion and conceded goal in a short time: For FCK everything was ready for the next setback on Saturday. But then the Antwerp team shows morale – and sends a signal for the whole region. To this end, the management team of the traditional club is repositioning itself.

After an emotional ups and downs, the 1. FC Kaiserslautern hopes that they will still be able to stay in the 3rd soccer league. With the 3-1 win against Halleschen FC, the Lauterer shortened the gap to the non-relegation places to four points and still have a game to catch up. “That was the reaction that everyone in the whole region, and that I expected from the team. I knew we could do that. That was very, very important and a brutal sign,” said Kaiserslautern’s captain Jean Zimmer sometimes hectic 90 minutes in the Fritz-Walter-Stadion.

The game-decisive scene that finally turned the game in the direction of the Palatinate was, curiously, a dismissal against FCK midfielder Kenny Prince Redondo. After about an hour, Kaiserslautern led 1-0 through Marvin Pourié’s goal, when the guests from Halle drove a quick counterattack. Redondo complained several times to the referee about a previously not given free kick for FCK. Referee Michael Bacher interrupted the game and put the warned Redondo off the field.

“What we want to continue to offer”

Even if his action was completely superfluous, FCK coach Marco Antwerpen stood in front of his player after the final whistle and criticized the referee’s performance: “By being sent off, the referee brought the opponent back into the game and that he knows what this is about. But you have to prepare for a game like that, “said Antwerp.

Although Halle equalized 1-1 shortly after being sent off by Terrence Boyd, FCK continued to play for victory even when they were outnumbered and showed a strong performance of will. Kevin Kraus and Philipp Hercher provided the fully deserved, but also urgently needed three in the relegation battle. “We rewarded ourselves for a great game today. We take this sense of achievement with us and stay tuned. That is what we want to continue to offer. We have the next game on Wednesday,” said Antwerp. Then the FSV Zwickau will play a catch-up game with the Palatinate. For the Lauterer it is the next chance to shorten the gap to the non-relegation places.

Off the pitch, it was announced on Sunday that supervisory board chairman Rainere Keßler and board members Markus Merk and Fritz Fuchs from the supervisory board of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV will be sent to the advisory board of 1. FC Kaiserslautern Management GmbH. The decision was made unanimously and at the suggestion of the two new council members Johannes B. Remy and Valentin Helou. Both move up to replace Martin Weimer and Bernhard Koblischeck, who have resigned in the past few days, to the club’s supervisory board.


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