New buildings, furnished apartments: SPD calls for expansion of the rent cap

New buildings, furnished apartments
SPD calls for expansion of the rent control

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Contrary to what was agreed in the coalition agreement, the traffic light is having difficulty tightening tenancy law. Due to concerns from the FDP, the rent brake will only be extended shortly before it expires. The SPD now also wants to block new buildings and furnished apartments.

After months of disputes with the FDP, the SPD wants to push for an expansion of the rent control for new buildings and furnished living space. Party deputy Dirk Wiese told the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” that the coalition had sent an important signal a few weeks ago with its decision to extend the rent cap until 2029. “But in the process we have to make sure that we design this effectively.”

To date, the rent cap does not apply to apartments that were used or rented for the first time after October 1, 2014. Wiese emphasized: “This exception to the rent cap should be increased from 2014 to 2024. If necessary, with appropriate trust protection regulations for existing rental agreements from this period.” With a view to the current rental price developments, it must be ensured “that the new rental of these apartments in tense rental markets can only take place within the limits of the rent cap,” he told the newspaper.

Social Democrats accuse Buschmann of “blockade.”

In addition, the SPD parliamentary group wants to take action against circumventing the rent cap through furnished and fixed-term rental agreements. “It would help if furniture surcharges were shown separately so that the amount of rent for a furnished apartment is transparent,” said Wiese. “In addition, contracts with a rental period of more than six months should no longer be considered as being rented out for temporary use so that the rent cap applies.” The Federal Council has already made “good” suggestions for this, said the SPD politician.

Although the extension of the rent cap is included in the traffic light government’s coalition agreement, the FDP only agreed to an extension at the beginning of April. The Social Democrats therefore accused the responsible liberal justice minister, Marco Buschmann, of a “blockade”. It is therefore unclear whether the expansion will occur. The FDP argues that tightening tenancy law will not solve the housing shortage, but will increase it. The owners’ association Haus und Grund has already announced that it will take the extension of the rent cap to the Federal Constitutional Court.

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