New CDU leadership until the end of the year: Kuban does not see Merz as party leader

New CDU leadership until the end of the year
Kuban does not see Merz as party leader

After the election debacle and the possible role in the opposition, the CDU is heading for a new line-up. The Junge Union wants clarity and a new party leadership by the end of the year. Friedrich Merz seems to have the role of advisor to the head of the youth party.

The CDU wants a radical change, and its youth organization is pushing the accelerator. A new CDU top will be elected this year. The Junge Union boss, Tilman Kuban, advocates this. “We want there to be a membership survey for several candidates and then a party congress, which will also take place this year,” said Kuban at ntv. The survey of the members can take place online or as a ballot box in the district offices. It is legally and technically possible, you just have to want it.

With the composition of a new CDU leadership, the solution of a dual leadership was discussed again and again at the Junge Union’s Germany Day. Friedrich Merz had also spoken out in favor and emphasized in his speech that “young brooms” would sweep well, but “the old brush” knew the corners.

“Above all, we need more young, fresh minds in the party leadership. Friedrich Merz is a clever person who can certainly also be a consultant and supporter. But it takes more than such a sentence,” said Kuban when asked about the Merz- Expression. “We know that the young set the pace, but the older ones also know some abbreviations. That’s why it’s about a healthy mix, but we haven’t had that in recent years.”

JU settles accounts with parent parties

After the historical disaster of the CDU and CSU in the federal election, the Junge Union went tough with its mother parties. Regarding the Union Chancellor candidate and CDU boss, a motion by the JU federal executive committee for Germany Day said: “Unfortunately, Armin Laschet could not reach people’s hearts. Quite the contrary: Many voters did not vote for the Union because of the availability of staff.”

The JU federal board criticized: “Such a candidacy is not a one-man show. Neither in victory nor in defeat.” Only a few in the federal cabinet were helpful in the election campaign, the paper continues, “New beginning. Our plan for a modern people’s party”. Even the leaders of the CDU and CSU “did not cut a good figure”. The analysis reads: “We lost out of our own weakness, not because of the strength of others.”

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