New declaration of real estate, unpleasant surprise for the CPF… Here are the 3 news of the day

Double information during your income declaration so as not to miss the 2024 declaration of real estate, complete if you have moved or if your tenants have changed recently. A remaining charge of 100 euros which could increase the future for the CPF. And a rising gas price. Here are the 3 pieces of information not to be missed on MoneyVox this Friday, April 12.

Declaration of real estate: a more than visible reminder!

Have you completed your 2024 declaration on 2023 income, on So here is some information that should not have gone unnoticed: the tax authorities remind you of the obligation to complete the declaration of occupancy of your real estate. A form different from that of income but which is subject to double information: at the start of the declaration process, where the DGFiP reminds you of the obligation to inform it of any change of occupation before July 1; then at the end of the course, with a questionnaire dedicated to the Summary screen. If you answer yes, then you are immediately sent to the Manage my real estate service.

Real estate declaration 2024: a new tax message for owners

Personal training account: a remaining charge of 100 euros… and more if you like

For now, nothing official. Solicited by multiple press titles, the Minister of Labor is currently silent despite the information filtering in recent weeks in The echoes And The Parisian the rest is charged to the personal training account (CPF). In short? The government plans to introduce a remaining fixed charge of 100 euros for users of the personal training account according to a draft decree currently being consulted with the social partners. A measure that could come into force as soon as May 1, 2024 if this information is true. The news of the day? This amount of 100 euros would even be revalued each year on January 1st at the rate of inflation.

CPF: more bad news for the rest charge of 100 euros

Rising gas prices: a rebound in May

After several months of decline, the benchmark price of gas is up for the month of May, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) indicated on Wednesday. This benchmark price is certainly not a regulated rate but it serves as a compass for suppliers for their price reductions and increases.

Indicative data provided by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)


Gas prices: unpleasant surprise for your energy bill in May

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