new details on the redemption of your internships

Redeeming your internship periods in a company at a reduced rate is now possible until the end of the year you turn 30. This measure, provided for by the pension reform, was translated into a decree at the end of August and will now be able to be applied: the Cnav has just published its circular.

From now on, a request for payment of contributions for an internship in a company can be submitted until December 31 of the year the insured person turns 30, instead of the 2nd year following the end of the internship until now : this was the promise of the Minister of Labor at the end of August, in a press release announcing the publication of the implementing decree opening the way to low-cost buyouts of terms of former internships and periods of higher studies.

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The Retirement Insurance circular, a document necessary to set the measure to music in the Cnav and Carsat centers, confirms the new rule: The request for validation of the training periods must be made no later than December 31 of the year. civil anniversary of the thirtieth anniversary of the insured.

The redeemed internship must have been spread over a period of 2 consecutive months, at least, for it to validate one quarter. You will need to send supporting documents: internship agreement and internship certificate, in particular.

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And the reduced rate? It will be, for each quarter, 12% of the monthly value of the social security ceiling in force on January 1 of the year during which the request is made. So less than 500 euros currently, while a quarterly buyout as you approach retirement costs several thousand euros (even if the cost varies depending on age, income level, option chosen, etc.) . Payment for this reduced cost buyback can also be spread over 1 or 2 years. As with any redemption (retirement payment), the amount paid gives you the benefit of a tax deduction.

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