New estimates for Corona – WHO: The excess mortality was on average 13 percent above the norm – News


The WHO has analyzed the corona deaths in the countries. Almost 15 million people have died due to the pandemic.

There are three groups of countries, as WHO data expert Somnath Chatterji explained to the media in Geneva: “Those with very good data, those with patchy data, and countries with no data at all.”

Almost 15 million dead by the end of 2021

The World Health Organization therefore has no choice but to estimate the number of people who have died worldwide in connection with the corona pandemic and use calculation models to plug the data gaps. The result of this calculation: By the end of 2021, 14.9 million people died worldwide in connection with the corona pandemic.

The WHO experts emphasize that this number includes both actual corona deaths and people who died because health care was worse than normal due to the pandemic. Overall, 13 percent more people died in the two years of the pandemic than on average in the years before the pandemic.


Commemorating the officially around 500,000 people who died in Brazil as a result of the corona pandemic.

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The WHO experts emphasized that these are not final figures. The estimate will be adjusted once better data is available.

4.7 million dead in India alone

One country stands out in the estimates: According to WHO figures, India has recorded 4.7 million deaths from the pandemic. That is ten times as many as state authorities there say “deceased from Corona”. The number of hidden dead would be particularly high here. India disagrees and doubts the WHO figures.

Peru, Russia and South Africa have the highest excess mortality rates. India ranks fourth. The WHO, on the other hand, attests to countries such as Australia, China and Japan having a low mortality rate in the two years of the pandemic.

Switzerland had a measurable excess mortality rate of 87 more deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. However, it is below the global pandemic average of 96 and far behind countries such as Russia (367) or India (171). Incidentally, the quality of the data from Switzerland is very good, according to Geneva.

More men died than women

Also interesting: The increased mortality hits men more than average, but less so women. As expected, people over 60 were much more affected than younger people.

The WHO experts are not the first to compare estimates with the previous counting method. In March, the Lancet published a study with estimated death rates even higher.

However, it is now clear that there are significantly more deaths than assumed in connection with the corona pandemic. In addition, there are gross deficiencies in data collection worldwide.

The health systems in many countries have also come under so much pressure from Corona that millions of people have died who would have survived in normal times thanks to good medical care.

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