New HomePods are coming: These are Apple’s smart home plans

New HomePods are planned for 2023, claims Mark Gurman.
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Apple is planning several new HomePods for the coming year, reports a well-informed insider. In addition to the HomePod, the smaller HomePod mini is also to be relaunched. In addition, there are probably two more smart home devices from Apple.


Apple: New HomePods planned for 2023

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will two new HomePods next year launch. In addition to a high-end HomePod, a new edition of the HomePod mini is also planned, according to the well-known Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter in his “Power On” newsletter. Two other smart home devices from Apple should also be expected, although it is not yet certain whether they will both make it out of the test labs.

So far, the larger HomePod 2023 has been said to be closer in terms of size and audio performance based on the original HomePod than the current mini version of the smart speaker with Siri support. The HomePod, codenamed “B620”, is said to be powered by the S8 chip, which is also expected in the future Apple Watch 8.

Significantly less is about Apple’s plans around the HomePod mini known. At the moment, only the manufacturer knows how this could differ from the current model. It is at least possible that Apple will give Bluetooth 5.2 to all new audio devices.

This is what the original Apple HomePod offers:

Apple: smart home devices for the kitchen and living room?

The rumors about two other smart home devices are still a bit hazy. According to Gurman, one of these should be designed for the kitchen and consist of a Mixture of iPad and speakers exist. In addition, customers should be able to equip their living room with a device that brings together HomePod, camera and Apple TV.

It is possible that only one of the two devices will actually be released. That could end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024 (Source: Bloomberg).

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