New information brochure – Blackout: Good preparation is the be-all and end-all

What to do in the event of a blackout? A new brochure from the state provides information on what happens in an emergency and offers help on how to prepare conscientiously for a total power blackout.

First the good news: Vorarlberg is very well prepared for a total power failure. The state-owned energy supplier Illwerke vkw can cut the external connections and ensure isolated operation within a maximum of 72 hours. In any case, sufficient food should be stored at home for the time without electricity. The state’s new blackout brochure, which has already been sent to all Vorarlberg households, gives these and similar tips. “There’s really no reason to panic. The conditions are excellent in Vorarlberg to be able to react properly in the event of a blackout,” says Governor Markus Wallner. As stress tests before Christmas show, a total power failure can happen at any time. “Households must be well prepared for this,” Wallner appealed to the population not to put the brochure aside, but to read the information carefully and fill out the checklists it contains that you don’t usually think about. For example, in an emergency, the emergency services can no longer be contacted, and even mobile phones stop working after a short time. Contact points in the communities for emergencies The communities have set up emergency contact points for this case, the locations of which you should know. Rescue or the police are then informed by radio. Citizens can find out where and when these contact points will be set up on the website of their own municipality. It is therefore advisable to check there before a blackout occurs. In the event of a blackout, the people of Vorarlberg receive important information from ORF Radio Vorarlberg. So it would be good to have a battery operated or crank radio at home just in case.
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