New IRA terrorists suspected: Police officers survive bomb attack in Northern Ireland

Suspected New IRA terrorists
Police officers survive bomb attack in Northern Ireland

In the past, the Northern Irish border town of Strabane has been the scene of politically motivated violence with particular frequency. Now there is a bomb attack on two police officers who survive unharmed. The authorities suspect a terrorist organization.

Two police officers have survived a bomb attack in the former civil war region of Northern Ireland. Deputy Provincial Police Chief Bobby Singleton said a strong investigative approach involved the New IRA terrorist organization, which is fighting violently for union with neighboring Ireland. The location of the attack in the border town of Strabane and previous incidents indicated this. The police are investigating the attack late last night for attempted murder.

Politicians from all religious camps condemned the assassination. The vice-president of the Catholic-Republican party Sinn Fein and designated first head of government of Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, described the attack as “reprehensible”. According to the politician, those responsible will not succeed in throwing society back. Sinn Fein used to be considered the political arm of the IRA.

It was a targeted attack, police said. The vehicle of the two officers was damaged. The area has been cordoned off for investigations. About 1000 residents are affected, children could not go to school.

In Northern Ireland, Catholics – most of whom want reunification with Ireland – and Protestants – mostly supporters of union with Great Britain – had fought for decades. In Strabane, with a good 13,000 inhabitants, where almost exclusively Catholics live, there were a particularly large number of attacks on British soldiers and police officers. The British military had a base near the city for a long time. Recently, warnings of new attacks had increased again. Northern Ireland is politically paralyzed by the dispute over Brexit special rules and currently has neither a government nor a functioning parliament.

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