New location – ex-ski star Hirscher is working on skis in his home town

At Marcel Hirscher and his ski brand, things are happening in rapid succession: now people are also working in his home country.

Anyone strolling through Annaberg these days can hardly miss it. In the middle of town, Van Deer parking signs are now emblazoned on a freshly painted, gray shop. So from the ski brand that drives former ski star and Annaberger Marcel Hirscher. And that is exactly what makes many people happy. Like Mayor Martin Promok (SPÖ). “It’s a dream for us. It’s really great when the most famous citizen settles down in town and does something,” says the local manager, who even speaks of a “headquarters”. Ex-ski star puts “so much heart and soul” into the location. He is convinced of Hirscher’s plans. Not only because the ex-ski star put “so much heart and soul” into adapting the premises. “With the meticulousness with which Hirscher has mastered his career so far, the project can only run perfectly,” says Promok. He wishes the prominent community member all the best. The ex-ski star, or the Van Deer management, did not want to comment on the plans when asked by “Krone”. However, the neo-entrepreneur should not be bored. The Van Deer team is currently testing the new ski material in Chile until the end of August. Father Ferdinand Hirscher should be connected from Annaberg via video conference. Closer cooperation with sponsor Red Bull In addition, as was recently announced, the man from Tennengau is working even more closely with Red Bull. The Salzburger’s company and his long-term sponsor not only founded the Van Deer-Red Bull Sport Equipment GmbH. In addition, Augment’s ski production site in Stuhfelden was also taken over. In the future, they don’t just want to produce alpine skis. In the future, sports equipment for Nordic disciplines and for ski tourers will also be produced for the racing and leisure sector. The cooperation with Red Bull is expressed in the company logo: The new logo of the ski brand consists of a deer’s antlers and a bull.
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