New moon on December 4th, 21: He puts 3 zodiac signs to the test

The new moon on December 4th puts 3 zodiac signs to the test

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On Saturday, December 4th, there is a new moon – but not quite an ordinary one. No, this time there will be a total solar eclipse at the same time. In terms of energy, the three zodiac signs are particularly demanding.

On Saturday, December 4th at 8:44 am, the new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. Meanwhile there is a total solar eclipse, which can only be seen in Antarctica, South Africa, in the southern Atlantic. Although the solar eclipse cannot be seen here, we still feel its energy most violently. In the next few days, this favors that deeply buried feelings and possible trauma boil up. That can be quite emotional, but at the same time it is a unique opportunity to come to terms with these experiences and to come to terms with yourself.

The new moon helps with this. From an astrological point of view, this stands for a new beginning. The motto now is: don’t be afraid to leave old baggage behind you! In addition, we are still in the sign of Sagittarius – the fire sign is impatient and always drives forward. Mood swings and moody phases are inevitable. This has to be cushioned in order to maintain the inner balance. Three zodiac signs are particularly challenged now.

Horoscope: These three zodiac signs will be put to the test by the new moon on December 4th


New moon always means a new beginning. Taurus tend to be habitats and do not handle change as well. Many different perspectives and weighing and making decisions are stressful for you right now. Remember your gift of being able to think in a reflective and rational way. Believe in yourself and let yourself go.

The solar eclipse amplifies the effects of Venus, the planet of love, which is in Capricorn. The earth sign is closely related to Taurus and therefore expresses itself very positively for you. He now gives you a positive charisma that is very beneficial to you. Try to leave self-doubt and insecurities behind you. Head out, heart on is the motto for people with the zodiac sign Taurus.


People with the zodiac sign Leo will be faced with some great tasks by the coming new moon paired with the total solar eclipse. By nature, you always want to surpass yourself. This can mean that your sense of happiness is reduced by too high demands. Try to shift down a gear and practice contentment.

The new moon encourages you to reflect on yourself and to come to rest. This is important now, because always wanting more can be dangerous in the long run. The solar eclipse triggers a real surge of energy in you that you have to withstand – quite difficult for the fiery Leo. Because now your thirst for action collides with the actual task, namely to take care of yourself. It is now important to combine both wisely.


The new moon takes place on Saturday under the sign of Sagittarius – your sign. That presents you with some challenges now. Because people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius are naturally very strong-willed, sometimes impatient and have an urge to freedom and independence. The new moon strengthens these traits.

Be careful not to get overly fired and make rash decisions. In case of doubt, they cannot be reversed. Hold back a little and think twice before you act. Your motto now is: There is strength in calm! In combination with the total solar eclipse, you will be animated to tidy up inside. That might let the unsightly emerge at first, but it lays the foundation for a new beginning.

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