New moon on February 1st: 3 zodiac signs that are particularly influenced

3 zodiac signs particularly influenced by the new moon on February 1st

New moon horoscope for 2/1/22: The moon has something special in store for three zodiac signs.


The February New Moon brings new ideas and challenges. These three zodiac signs are particularly influenced on February 1st.

January is over and we are slowly heading towards the happy season. The new moon night gives us new strength and can give us fresh ideas, but it also presents us with challenges. All zodiac signs can look forward to change and reinvention, but three of them are particularly influenced by the new moon.

New moon horoscope for 02/01/22: These zodiac signs are most influenced by the new moon

The new moon not only gives them new strength, these three zodiac signs are also challenged to venture out of their comfort zone. They discover new aspects of their personality and undergo a transformation that doesn’t seem particularly pleasant at first glance. However, this only makes the zodiac signs stronger and they are prepared for rapid changes. You can find out in the video which zodiac signs can particularly feel the effects of the new moon.

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